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Fitness Programs

Designed With You In Mind

Here at The Firm Fitness, we have structured our workouts to be scalable to your fitness needs. We make sure that as a new team member you're given a thorough assessment to make sure that we are addressing your individual goals and any restrictions you might have.  We base our workouts on Core Fundamental Movements to make sure each team member has the foundation to reach their goals successfully and without injury. 


Semi-Private Training

Your Personalized Workout. Community Atmosphere

Get all the benefits of having a personal trainer at under half the cost by working out in small groups of 2-4 people.  With semi-private training you get your own personalized workout program which is set-up and coached by one of our nationally certified personal trainers.  This is done in a team setting of 2-4 members.  Working out in small groups improves results by providing a encouraging support group of other motivated individuals.


High Intensity GROUP Classes

Intense, Fun, Supportive, Safe

Included in all of our memberships are our highly effective and energetic group training classes. Our classes are about team spirit and motivation. These are the perfect supplement to our semi-private training sessions. Get your metabolism fired up with one of our instructors and our unique training equipment including: sand bags, kettlebells, sleds, battle ropes, TRX and medicine balls.


We offer two different classes to accommodate your level of fitness:


Firm Foundations: This class is for people who haven't worked out in awhile or who are new to our fundamental exercise movements. It is a basic strength training circuit class that will allow you to develop the skills and mobility for the 6 basic movement patterns: push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry and groundwork. Each exercise is done for a certain amount time, but allows for members of different levels to work at their own pace. Then each week members challenge themselves by trying to increase their weights or intensity.

Class Action:  The most effective way to burn fat is by lifting weights with short rest intervals. Instead of walking on the treadmill for an hour or spinning your wheels in place, get a full body workout while getting your cardio in at the same time. This workout includes more than just working your legs. You will work on your arms, glutes, core, balance, posture and learn how to breathe correctly.  This class will help you redefine what your limits are.  Fast paced for fast results!

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Youth Fitness

Classes from Ages 10-21

Our Kids Conditioning Classes provide a safe and fun way for your video gamer to your college athlete to workout.  Our focus is on injury prevention, conditioning, building core strength and stability, and most importantly, fun!

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