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Core Strength & Injury Prevention

Youth Fitness Summer Schedule

Our Kids Conditioning Classes provide a safe and fun way for your video gamer to your college athlete to workout.  Our focus is on injury prevention, conditioning, building core strength and stability, and most importantly, fun!  With more kids specializing in a sport at an early age it is important to help them build the strength and stability to prevent injuries.  For the younger kids we provide a fun and challenging environment for them to learn core fundamental movements through different challenges and activities while allowing each young athlete to work at their own individual level. Exercise at a young age builds good fitness habits and can enhance cognitive function which can carry over to their school education.

For our young adult athletes, building power and strength must be achieved with an emphasis on stability and mobility. In order to prevent injury, teenage athletes have to be careful not to develop strength on top of disfunction.  Learning correct movement patterns and proper body mechanics is crucial for the sport specific athlete.

We know how busy kids schedules are, so no contract required.  All of our Youth Fitness Classes are on a drop in basis. Once a waiver has been signed by a parent or guardian, you can sign your young athlete up through our website or on our mobile app.  We recommend trying to have your athlete come in 2 x week when possible to get the full benefits of the workout program.

Ages 9-13

Monday and Wednesday 4:00-5:00


Ages 14-21

Tu and Th 4:00-5:00

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